Donald Trump-The Unpredictable Fickle Pickle

A sour pickle is in the white house


The State of the Union is in appalling shape. A dysfunctional President with serious psychological problems has debased it.  His staff is afraid of him.  He’s the President who doesn’t know how the government works.  “Ignorant” barely scratches the surface in describing depth or breath of his knowledge.  The fidelity and sworn loyalty he insists from his underlings is not reciprocated.  He throws them all under the bus.  He is consistently inconsistent and unpredictable in a job that yeans for stability.   The Republican congress is torn.  Their moral compass is swinging from disenfranchised angry citizens whose healthcare is being yanked away to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump who are twisting their right arms to tow the party line.  Their dilemma is a Faustian choice. Protect and support the citizenry and their needs and start a real career in government or lock-step with the party line that will have them looking at the want ads next year.

Bannon, the Wizard of Odd, advised, “Create chaos—distract and deceive.”  It got the pretend president enough votes to be elected.  Most though, saw the sham Trump in this concocted alt-reality.  He entourage of handmaidens share one thing—their willingness to suspend and corrupt their own judgment, morals, sense of decency and patriotism to serve this psychopath.   Their trade-off is the power that trickles down to them.  These are his babies who have unwittingly become his babysitters.  All have demeaned themselves as the clueless tyrant roams the halls of the White House.  It is a fascinating study of the people in his inner circle and of the lengths they are willing to compromise.  They have subjected themselves to his abuse, degradation and public humiliation.  They are constantly picking up after his lies, restating his outrageous comments and reinterpreting his insults and taunts.  Meanwhile, he pushes back and doubles-down adding more pepper to the stew for his minions to pick out.  That they hang-in, it must be masochism they crave.  Inter-relationships are always complicated and sometimes, undecipherable.  Donald Trump’s are really quite simple—he is the winner, the best, he wants to be adored, he wants to rule—not govern, he believes that he is the nation’s savior.  He is all ego and narcissism all the time.  It is a relationship with himself.  Ultimately, it is a Svengali moment when we see his cabinet and advisors willingly suspend their own dignity to serve him.  It is a lesson in mutual need that doesn’t serve the country well.  Homo sapiens are considered vertebrates.   It’s time they found their spine.