For Donald Trump, When Things Get Too Hot…You’re Fired!

The coverup – Donald Trump is looking a lot like Nixon.


Donald Trump, the former reality TV star turned President, claims everything is fake.  It is how he explains away criticism and disappointment when he’s not being adored.  This is his alternative reality, the escape route he’s created to shield him from his real pain when the spoiled boy doesn’t get what he wants.  Sometimes this tormented two-year old tweets to get even.  Now he is a tantrum-prone tot with actual weapons at his disposal.  What could be worse?

Well, things are about to decline in Donny’s world.  Unable to separate fact from fantasy, Trump is using his old line from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!” to get rid of the people who pose a threat.  As a candidate, he bullied, lied and humiliated his opponents.  Now though, he has the power of the Presidency behind him and he is abusing it with as much thought as he gives anything else—absolutely none.  From the beginning, fueled by his obsessive secretiveness, afraid that any revealed facts might break his eggshell of artifice, he denies, deflects and distracts to throw his adversaries (and the press) off the truth-track.  But the Oval Office has become a cauldron of scandal.  His firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates who warned him about a potential fifth-columnist (General Michael Flynn) in his midst, presented Trump with his first serious decision.  He couldn’t have gotten it worse.  Instead of immediately firing his National Security Advisor who had talked too much to the Russians and exposed himself to blackmail, he shot messenger Yates.  For 18 days he kept the problematic Flynn in his sensitive job, sharing capitol secrets, formulating national strategies and listening to classified confidences until Flynn’s compost hit the media fan.  Only then, under the pretense of having been lied to, did Vice-President Pence reveal how he felt two-timed by Flynn.  Horrors!  

Remember US Attorney Preet Bharara who was investigating Rep. Mike Price, Trump’s pick for HHS Sec., for questionable (and perhaps insider) stock investments?  He also had ongoing probes into corrupt Russian businessmen and officials with connections to Trump’s campaign and the US election.  Despite that Trump originally told Bharara that he could keep stay on the job, within a day, he was asked to resign but Bharara, knowing how much was at stake in his inquiries, refused Trump’s request and bought himself an extra day to protect and pass on his information before Trump fired him.  

The latest shooting gallery victim was FBI Director James Comey.  Though Comey has been a lightening rod for controversy perhaps changing the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, his recent announcement that he will be tenacious in unearthing the facts on Trump’s (and associates’) Russian connections and Putin’s involvement in the US Presidential election.  Once again, the sniffing dogs were too close and Trump fired Comey claiming that Attorney General Sessions made him do it.  

One could say Trump’s home firings are burning.  The press and media instantly saw Nixon’s Waterloo, Watergate, as the doppelganger to Trump’s Russian investigations.  Three high-profile firings much like Nixon’s, all to stop inquiring minds from doing their work.  Whether we ever see The Donald’s taxes might be immaterial.

Alea iacta est—The die cast.