The Donald Trump Presidency-One Year Down, Three to Go?

Donald cannot get enough of Fox and Friends.


Trump Postponed Both His Golf and 1-Year Celebration Because of the Government’s Shutdown

I rarely agree with President Trump, but this is one of those special moments that I should acknowledge.  My inspiration was a tweet from the President to his Chief of Staff, General John Kelly who had indicated in a TV interview that his boss’ position on immigration and “the wall” were evolving.  Trump’s reaction was instant as if he had received a Ben-Gay suppository.  He slapped Kelly down with a Tweet and denied that his position [or that he] had “evolved” and still held fast that Mexico will pay for the [roughly] $20 billion, 700-mile wall. 

There it was from the President’s own fingers, so to speak.  An angry statement of fact that he had not evolved.  Finally he was confirming what most of the world already knew.  I could even hear Charlie Darwin stirring.   White House staff, simultaneously shocked and relieved that their suspicions were confirmed by their Tweeter-in-Chief–no evolution here! 

Finally, there is something about him that is as predictable as a migraine—his inability to evolve.  Most people read, listen and learn from factual sources.  Not this President who is holed up watching Fox and Friends whose combined IQ is a hat size.  He is suspicious and untrusting of everyone around him, especially scientists and their craft.  He says he went to great schools but never discusses what, if anything he learned.  So many in and outside the White House are calling for a psychiatric evaluation.  Instead, I would reach for a qualified child educator who likely would say that Trump’s [mental] growth stopped when he was about two-years old.  All along, it’s been an evolutionary problem—nothing more.  We should learn to listen to him.



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