Donald Trump is making fools of us and our laws.

Donald Trump is making a mockery of the Presidency


With the media, both fake and real singularly focused on Trump’s first 100 days, it is already a worn subject.  Here at Thor, we are forward-looking, at least sometimes.

We are hardly surprised that this blowhard promised everything and delivered nothing.  Yet despite his failure, most of his minions stand by their man.  What we are focused on are the remaining 1,360 days to go.  It seems like an eternity and we simply cannot imagine the press maintaining the current level of attention upon which this President thrives.  They must stop pandering to him.  The media must not feed the monster even if it means they get less of a market share.  Patriotic citizens must move away from the sensational, the diversionary Trump tactics and the meaningless chaos and embrace the legitimate investigations about wrongdoing.  If the Republicans would devote one-tenth the energy and resources to the Russian connections and collusion when they investigated Hillary’s emails and Benghazi, we would likely uncover criminal activity.  At the least, we would have a better idea of Russia’s abilities to infiltrate and affect the outcome of our elections.

Trump and his entire family are abusing their position, power and connections to flagrantly build the Trump brand.  They make business connections with visiting heads of state and practice pay-to-play with the high bidder getting access to the President.  A number of former government ethics experts are insisting that this President has already compromised the emoluments clause of the US Constitution, which makes it a crime for a President to take a payment or accept a favor from a foreign government.  Regardless of your politics, no one should get a free pass as this this President has.  For Congressmen and women, he is making fools of you and our laws.  It is time to tune out the tweets, disregard the White House distractions and diversions, the chatter and childish behavior and focus on the fraud and deception.  We must follow the old adage regarding crime—follow the money.  After all, a lot of damage can be done in the next 1,360 days!