Donald Trump Jr’s excellent adventure

In Donald Trump Jr’s own words; “So I got this call out of the blue from this person I don’t know, who wants to meet. No idea who she is… but, she says she has dirt on Hillary. I’m not sure I should go but dad won’t let me do anything, he calls me “sh*# head” all the time, that I’m dumber than a door knob! So I decide to go, grab a bag of money and my two best buds Kush and Mani and we’re off the the hotel for the meet. Turns out Mani knows this Russian women, they speak in Russian for about 10 minutes and laugh a lot. While all this is going on Kush is standing in the corner looking at his nails. Turns out she has nothing, no dirt on Hillary but she does have this tape with dad on it, it’s really, really gross, I’ll never be the same. She says, tell dad that he better play along or this tape goes to MSNBC. She also said don’t tell anyone about our little meeting…what a day! What an excellent adventure!”

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on “Donald Trump Jr’s excellent adventure
One Comment on “Donald Trump Jr’s excellent adventure
  1. The big game hunter is in the sites of the “phony” federal investigators. He’ll soon know what it feels like to be bagged.


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