Donald Trump—Healthcare Schlemeil

Donald trump and Paul Ryan star in a new keystone cops movie.

A new comedy duo has been born


Donald Trump emerged from his first real political test, repealing Obamacare, stunned and bruised.  The loud-mouthed dealmaker, who either called or met with at least 120 of his party’s Representatives, stalled and couldn’t cross the finish line.  Dumping Obamacare has been the hottest topic from the bigoted right for the last 7 years and it turns out that they were all chatter and no planning.  To the embarrassment of the conservative complainers, Obamacare stands more proudly than ever as a testimonial to the first black President.  It is killing the white Righties in Congress who wish “their” house was still segregated.  Surprisingly, what defeated these smug and arrogant space-takers was their indifference to their own constituencies.  So blinded by the Fox-fed and party-fueled repetitious chant that Obamacare was a horror, they actually believed their own poison.  But, they quickly found during town meetings, (if they were brave enough to show up), that 20 million Americans felt damn lucky to finally have health coverage.  Further, trash talking that coverage would only backfire and perhaps put their own re-election in jeopardy.  

It’s clear that Trump’s political capital never materialized and even before he’s started he’s been labeled completely ineffectual.  Bully no more, his own party sees that he’s as threatening as spackle.   His temporary partnership with Speaker Paul Ryan was an ill-fated elopement.  Their party is in disarray and suffering from an abundance of ideological factions.  After 7 years, the party of “NO” does not know how to change despite that they have the majority in the House, Senate and the Presidency itself.  

Trump blames the minority Democrats for not helping repeal Obamacare.  You’ve gotta laugh!  This is the perfect definition of a schlemiel—a loser, a fool In the end, this dealmaker could neither tear down Obamacare nor construct Trumpcare.  What we must watch for now is his sadism.  Having failed miserably, he may want to sabotage Obamacare if only to insure his dire predictions come true, i.e. Obamacare will self-destruct.  He has already pulled advertising for the plan’s enrollment from television.  He will work actively to defeat it internally without having an alternative plan to replace it.  Insurance companies are wary of even minor changes and are watching closely to get guidance.

As he tees up tax reform, we’re already counting the mulligans they’ll take before this too fails.  While the corporate tax cut is most likely to pass, it is definitely not assured if a comprehensive tax plan that includes individual income taxes is in a single bill.  Republicans, strap on your crash helmets!  Trump, the disaster predictor, still doesn’t realize that he cannot keep his false campaign promises.  Worse yet, he is taking Paul Ryan and most of his intimidated party with him.  For all his bombast, he is hardly a battle-ready Washington warrior.  Expect more contentiousness (and laughs) as Trump and Ryan don their Keystone cop uniforms [again].   As if we need further entertainment, we always have Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, “2nd story” Devin Nunes, in black cat suit, ready to break into the White House [again].