Donald the Destroyer

Donald is destroying everything in his path.


Attila the Hun, Vlad the Impaler, Basil the Bulgar Slayer, it’s all in the name.  Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb, Rocket Man, Cryin’ Chuck, Liddle Bob Corker are just a sampling of the monikers Trump has given to his adversaries.  They’re effective because they are simple and catchy.  They’re always demeaning and sometimes have an element of truth.  Repeated over and over on the campaign trail, his hammer tap, tap, tapping away, he belittled his opponents to a point where substantive debate was not possible.  Trump’s bullying and name-calling is his Napalm—once uttered, it continues to stick and burn.   His showmanship eclipsed his shallowness and the public left satisfied with the show they witnessed.  Too bad, too sad for the rest of us. 

Trump is not hard to figure out.  His simplicity makes him amazingly superficial but damaging, sometimes crippling to his more informed and better qualified rivals.   He changed the argument into a display of visceral public performance.  His fans don’t have to think, only watch his act.  It would spoil everything to ask him a question.  His core supporters’ appetite for this behavior is reminiscent of spectacles in Rome’s Coliseum where blood sport was served in giant helpings to a hungry public.   

Trump has a permanent angry scowl.   He likes to look menacing.  He thinks it emits power and demands respect.  Most often, it looks as if he is having colon issues.  Until a year ago, he was a rich entitled joke who was running for President because he was bored screwing people in business and wanted a hobby.  When he won, the joke was on us.  Now we have an uninformed, puffed-up moronic bag of stale air sitting in the Oval Office.  His volatile temper, ignorance of all things except ice cream and hamburgers and his penchant to threaten and intimidate while considering “who today should I bomb?” puts the world at risk.   

His latest act is to unilaterally punish Congress (and 20-30 million citizens) for not repealing Obamacare.  He decided to withdraw the essential government support for that health plan.  It is the very core of the law that allows the poor and disadvantaged to have coverage.  What makes this President abuse his power, punish the downtrodden, walk over citizens, lie spectacularly and embrace ignorance?  To the question, “What do you get someone who has everything?”  If Trump is that man, a lifetime of psychiatric care would be the perfect gift.  For Donald to feel good, someone must suffer.  It is hard for this worm to elevate himself so he must pull down everyone around him, even beneath him.  It is the only way he can “be the best, the smartest, the most powerful”.  He has honed his cruelness and uses it indiscriminately.  He calls himself a builder but only destroys.  He demands loyalty from all but is the epitome of betrayal.  He is profoundly untrustworthy—a pathological liar.  Who is he?  He is Donald the Destroyer.





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  1. Gosh, Thor, a really good read. And just about the most sickening reality I could ever imagine.

    There must be for all of us some hope, however faint right now, that this, too, shall pass…..

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