the Clown is Canned–Scaramucci Departs



The “Mooch” gets it!


The scrubbing and mopping sounds we hear is the President’s new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, doing a summer cleanup.  He is deploying his LESS plan (Let’s Embrace Some Sanity).  Like an efficient hardware store owner discarding the wing nuts and keeping good stuff, Kelly seems to be a no nonsense straight shooter.  Within an hour or so of being sworn in, he had taken out the Mooch—the all-too-colorful, 10-day “seasoned” White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci.  In a way it is a bit sad.  Trump’s top choice to be the media interface of the free world was the classic clown who came right out of the commedia dell’arte (comic Italian literature and theater).   Putting Scaramuccia, as he was known since the 1600’s, into the White House pressroom was Trump’s answer to the fake news.  What could be more insultingly potent then to send your circus clown to deliver your message of derision?  The Mooch was the ultimate sycophant, kissing Don Trump’s ring like a scene in the Godfather.   This trait alone probably landed him the job. 

The public is so inured to the chaos and dysfunction of this administration that they will barely notice any improvement.  Under Trump, the press secretary’s primary job, whether Sean Spicer or Sarah Sanders, has been to deflect, distort and distract from the truth.  In just seven months, the formerly respected position as the President’s spokesman has become the official government source of misinformation.  We may as well be in Russia!  In threatening to clean up the swamp, Trump immersed the press pool in his cesspool of lies.  

Deception, fraud and duplicity define who Donald Trump is and always has been.  Now, he has stained our reputation.  We desperately need a stain remover.




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