Caddyshack 3 1/2 – Trump’s Vacation

Our low energy president is taking a 17 day vacation to celebrate all the winning. He warned us that we would get tired of winning, winning and more winning. So far, everyone is waiting for this incompetent fool to accomplish anything but tear the country apart. While at the Bedminster Country Club he has promised all the local vermin that their lives will improve under his administration. Even they don’t buy his lies anymore and have fled to neighboring golf courses. Unlike Caddyshack we cannot hope that he gets hit by a lightning bolt on the 18th green. Unfortunately this is not a movie with a happy ending, for him or for us.


on “Caddyshack 3 1/2 – Trump’s Vacation
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  1. What about GoatGate at the Trump Golf Mecca where resident goats have earned an agricultural real estate tax from the compliant host town of Bedminster, NJ? Non-goat taxes would be $80K a year. Goats save about $79 K, according to several sources.

    Be on the vigil for Head Caddy Trump tax exemption.

  2. I understand that Trump’s goats have low handicaps and eat the hotdog wrappers that members leave around the course. Another win-win for The Donald. Further, they are paid even less than the slew of foreign workers he imports. Forced to place want ads in local papers at least twice in order to justify the foreign hires, the return phone number in the ad didn’t work.

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