Bringing Back the Romanovs?


Donald Trump is devistaed by Putin’s rejection and tells all in new issue of Russian Bride Magazine

Despite Putin’s public dismissal of a pending marriage, Kremlin gossip says otherwise.  When a Tsar marries, the court gynecologist must do an examination and weigh-in.  Whether or not the public believes the obligatory medical report from the pair of Russian doctors that the 71 year-old Tsarina Trumpovitch is “intact”, it matters not, but it clears the way for an autumn Putin-Trumpovitch wedding and coronation. Might Donni have been secretly reconstructed by one of “her” contractors?   Yes, it is a distinct possibility.  It seems that “Donni” Trumpovitch is the missing Grand Duchess from the Romanov dynasty, which was thought to have ended with the death of the last Tsar’s family in 1917.  If the Grand Duchess and the former KGB agent exchange vows, and finally sip borscht from the Romanov family’s Faberge soup tureen in the 400-year old royal ceremony, Exchanging the Beets, the world will witness the birth of a new Russia—Rozhdeniye novoy Rossii.  When Trumpovitch and Putin are at it, anything is possible!

Na Zdorovie!



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