The Boob Cube—Scott Pruitt’s New Home Away from Home

Scott Pruitt’s Cube of shame

With Republican’s ranting and raving about excessive spending and threatening to shut down the government if they can’t save a dime, others are showing us excess, perhaps more as a lesson (of what not to do) than anything else.

Our first big time spender is Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.  Apparently he never met a chartered jet he didn’t like.   Sworn in on Feb. 10th, in only 7½ months he has spent over $400,000 of the government’s money on this little travel obsession.  Yes, we’re told, the HSS Inspector General is looking into it.

Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin and his new wife asked to use a government jet on their European honeymoon.   He already flew her down to Ft. Knox so that he would have company in the scary dark basement where they keep all the gold.

For Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA who’s already taken the Protection out of the Environment, the object of his affliction is a glass cube!  Why?  To increase his privacy!  Price?  A mere $25,000.  Payer—Uncle Sam.   The last time a sealed glass cube was successfully used was to display, contain and protect Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann—a prime organizer of the Holocaust.  The Israelis cleverly “caged” this human abomination in glass during his trial.  It is ironic that “Secretive & Suspicious Scott [Pruitt]” has done this to himself (willingly).  Perhaps there is poetic justice.  



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