Announcing the opening of “Gallerie Thor”

Joe Freeman Jr. – Keechelus 9692


We believe that art and music are essential, that they elevate the quality of life and that it is unimaginable to live without them.  So we have decided to “open” Gallerie Thor.  Initially, the gallery will represent three recognized artists with impeccable skills.  Wayne Charles Roth’s digital paintings are in many public and private collections.  He crafts his pieces with meticulous detail that explode with color and energy.  Some say he has accomplished the impossible by capturing the entire galaxy in a single piece.  Willie Cole is a sculptor, printer, conceptual and visual artist whose work is in most major American museums including The Metropolitan and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Some examples of his work include ordinary objects (shoes or plastic bottles), traditional paint, prints on paper and bronze.  Joe Freeman, Jr. is a master photographer whose compelling landscapes convey an otherworldliness of remote and forgotten places. Known as a photographer’s photographer, his work is found in many discerning collections.  

We are honored to represent these exceptional artists and their work.  Periodically, we will rotate (add and delete) work from the gallery so when you see something you want, purchase it before it’s limited edition is sold out.

(Please note that Willie Cole’s work will be added in the near future.)




Wayne Charles Roth – Dark Soul

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