Ah, The Good Olde Days! Et tu, Donald?

Julius Bannon rules no more.


This White House, moreover this Presidency is a blast from the past.  The revelation du jour tells of a President so jealous of the limelight his trusted, alt-right-hand man, Steve Bannon has attracted, that he’s had him removed from the National Security Council—a public demotion.  Dictators hate competition.  

The cave familia of Caesars’ Rome (Augustus, Julius and Caligula) is thriving in Trump’s White House.  Beware the family!  Backstabbing, duplicity, distrust, lying and power grabbing are some of the milder symptoms oozing from this Oval Office.  Autocrats, tyrants and despots use their power to eliminate a challenger, family-related or not.  It is the very psychotic instinct of a tyrant to strike down any person who he/she thinks poses a threat.  Other rich and powerful dysfunctional families that suffered through these growing pains included, Ramses II (ancient Egypt), Ptolemy (ancient Egypt/Greece), Borgia and Sforza (Renaissance Italy), Alexander the Great, Constantine the Great and Henry the Great.  The stories of deception, dishonesty, treachery, oppressiveness, incest and murder populate these family trees.  Mental illness, in many shapes and forms is a constant companion and an essential ingredient.  Sound familiar?

Trump’s all-knowing, all-seeing 36-year old son-in-law, Jared Kushner is most recent anointed one.  The idiot President has this loyal acolyte flying to Iran, meeting with heads of state, negotiating everything and advising him in foreign areas, foreign to them both.  Judging from dysfunctional families of the past, Jared is being set up as the fall guy for the certain impending failure of his father-in-law’s rule.  Trump has never and will never accept responsibility for a single mistake.  All those around him will fall first.  With an ego so immense, there is no room for anyone else.  The sickness of believing in your own divinity allows one to deflect blame and purge those who failed you—family or not.  

The incest element is both a fascinating and prurient component in all these family histories.  Trump has made no secret of his lust for Jared’s wife—his daughter Ivanka.  We have no knowledge of actual incestuous behavior other than his inappropriate pawing, caressing and stating that if he weren’t married, he’d love to date his daughter.  Ah, I feel the greatness of the good olde days.