About Thor

What Thor Told Me

This blog materialized when it became clear to me that Thor had something to say. In Stephen Greenblatt’s “The Swerve”, I read with fascination how a mere scribe could ultimately change the world. The recipe was simple – combine one brilliant mind brimming with ideas and observations with a single dutiful scribe to present his work. All that remained was to find an audience for Thor’s words. Thus, I’ve taken to the internet in hopes of bringing his visions, through humorous poetry and more, to the world at large.

From the outset, Thor has made it clear that he marches to the beat of his own drum. He is never “on the clock”, has no boss, is beholden to no deadlines, and tolerates no censors. His thoughts arise from the inspirational ether in which he lives, from which he can observe life from a unique perspective. His is the culmination of a pedigree of intellectual superiority, whose ancestors served as advisors to the kings of France. Such impressive lineage grants him the insight required to provide me information for the political satire articles you’ll find on this site. My job is simple, to convey his point of view as accurately and meticulously as possible. He proofreads, copy edits, and approves all words before they appear in print.

So, this is what Thor told me.