Judge Roy Moore booted again!

Why is it so many social conservatives have problems following the constitution when it collides with their personal or religious beliefs? This is especially strange when it is their job to represent the government. They are the first to scream bloody murder when they perceive their second amendment rights are being violated but cannot follow the letter of the law when they think god would not approve of gay marriage. What hypocrisy! For the second time, Judge Roy Moore has been suspended for the remainder of his term for ordering probate judges to defy federal court orders on same-sex marriage. Good riddance to this judicial dinosaur. Read more:


84 million American’s watched Trump implode

We were nervously anticipating the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but we could never have predicted how terrible Donald Trump’s night would be. The largest audience since 1960 watched the “Donald” perform like an unprepared 10th grader in their first debate. Rambling, sniffling, sexist and unable to stay on subject Donald interrupted Hillary 51 times. He lied so much the real time fact checkers had trouble keeping up with his distortions and falsehoods. After it was over he blamed the moderator and his “slanted” questions, the malfunctioning mike, but never took any responsibility for his lack of obvious preparation and ability to have serious policy discussions to counter balance Hillary’s point of view. This will go down as one of the most lopsided presidential debates in history. Read More: 


The debate is upon us, expect Trump to lie.

Tonight Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will participate in the first Presidential debate. If Donald sticks to his track record you can expect lies, falsehoods and outright exaggerations. According to Politfact Donald lies or misrepresents the truth 70% of the time. How is it that a person running for President of the United States does not tell the truth 70% of the time and has not been reduced to an afterthought in this election? The fact that this disease of a person is very close to the White House should scare every American alive. We can only hope that tonight is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. Read more about his lies.


Chris Christie’s bad week

After four days of testimony in the “Bridgegate” trial it seems as though Chris Christie knew what was happening all along. According to testimony none of the defendants were worried about the lane closings because Chris had their backs. They could operate with impunity, bullying the Mayor or Fort Lee for not supporting Christie’s campaign. Once they were caught and arrested, Christie hung them out to dry. Today, the New Jersey Assembly was reported to be looking into how they would proceed, if they decide to move to impeachment proceeding. How our once mighty Governor has fallen. Read More:


Christie knew and he lied about Bridgegate

Federal prosecutors on Monday said a witness will testify that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was told about the politically motivated scheme that shut down the nation’s busiest bridge. One of his former allies, David Wildstein will testify that Chris Christie was informed before they caused the massive traffic jam that shut down the George Washington Bridge. I think it may be time to stick a fork in Christie political career. Read More:


Let’s all cheer for the NCAA!

Hooray for the NCAA! Because of North Carolinas Republican anti-LGBT law the NCAA is moving their March Madness Games out of the state. The Millions of dollars that will be lost to North Carolina businesses because of Republican small minds, is really starting to adding up. It does our hearts good to see that Americans are still opposed to anyones bigotry towards any group. The Republican party has become the party of the most racist element in this country, and based on the current polls in that state, they should begin cleaning out their desks. The most amazing thing is their complete lack of understanding that we now live in the 21st century. The GOP’s official response is completely clueless. Click to read the official statement.


What’s Going on in Texas?

According to a new Washington Post-Survey Monkey poll of all 50 states, Texas is in play for Hillary Clinton! This is the first 50 state poll and sampled 74,000 registered voters across the country. This large survey also highlighted a critical weakness for Donald trump among college educated voters, especially white women, he is losing badly. The biggest surprise was in Texas where Clinton and Trump are virtually tied, with Hillary leading by 1 point. Donald Trumps weakness with Hispanics and other minorities is coming home to roost. Texas could end up being the biggest upset of the 2016 election. Read More:


The Pickle Conspiracy

The conspiracy truther Alex Jones, has come up with his best conspiracy to date, “The Clinton Pickle Conspiracy” and it is too funny and ridiculous to not share with you. This all took place on the Jimmy Kimmel show when Hillary Clinton recently appeared. Click here to view this hilarious video.


It just keeps getting crazier!

Steve Bannon, CEO of Breitbart News was just added to Trumps campaign as CEO. If your not familiar with Briebart News, it is an on-line publication that caters to the far right of the Republican Party. When we say “Far Right” we mean the conspiracy loons, white supremacists, and really angry white racists. Trump has turned his campaign over to a man who runs the website most favored by the KKK! Has Donald Trump completely lost his mind? Just when you thought Trump could not isolate more potential voters, he figures out a way to do it! C’est la vie…Donald. Read About Steve Bannon.



Schadenfreude, it is a feeling of joy that comes from seeing or hearing about another person’s troubles. In this instance it could not be more deserving. Roger Ailes was single handedly responsible for creating an environment at Fox News of sexual harassment towards women. We normally do not revel in others pain but in this instance we will make an exception.  Each day  since his ouster, more women have come forward and provide additional information and claims that they were victims as well. In 2016 their is no place for this kind of treatment of women in the workplace. Read More: