Election Nightmare

For most of us, it is still sinking in. Donald Trump was elected and the world as we knew it has ended. The inmates will be running the asylum in a matter of months. I think the greatest blow of all was coming to grips with the fact that America is a racist country. He was elected by appealing to that worst traits that exist in America. Racism and xenophobia. As American’s we have to now understand that this is not the home of the free and the brave. It is the home of a population that wants to return to the economic and racist policies of the 50’s.What a sad collective moment, more than half the population is afraid of change and true equality. Saturday Night Live exposed what America is all about in this brilliant sketch last Saturday. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time.View:


Chris Christie…The big one that got away!

This week two of Chris Christie’s top aides were found guilty of using their office to extract political revenge. The trial itself was an inside look at how Governor Christie used his office to further his own political ambitions. Everyone knows that Chris was behind the lane closings, they just could not prove it. Witness after witness testified that there was a connection to the Governor and that they were doing his bidding. Like all Machiavellian villains he was careful to hide his involvement and denied any knowledge of what his staff was up to. Now two of his underlings will go to jail while Christie roams free and plots his return to politics. If he had any conscience he would come forward and take responsibility for his crimes. We know this will not happen and the wrong people will have their lives ruined. Read More:


James Comey decides it is time to impact the election.

Just 11 days before the election FBI Director James Comey has decided to announce the re-opening of Hillary’s email investigation. This reeks of partisan interference in a presidential election. His rationale for making the announcement is weak at best, and shows he is more interested in electing Donald Trump. There is no reason for this kind of announcement other than to impact the outcome. The FBI is looking into Donald Trump’s former campaign manager’s connection to the Russians but you hear nothing about this investigation which is a lot more serious than Hillary’s emails. This morning a formal complaint has been filed with the DOJ  that accuses him of interfering in a presidential election.This is blatant use of public office to further a personal agenda. Read More:


Trump’s supporters…duped again!

It is slowly dawning on Donald Trump’s supporters that he is going to lose. Many are in denial, and believe that the election is being stolen by the Democrats. Trump and many Republicans are feeding this complete falsehood  which could result in violence and de-stablize our Democracy. Their is no end game, no grand strategy behind this approach, other than to tear the whole place down. At this point all responsible Republicans should denounce Trump and begin to rebuild. Instead they are either fanning the flames or remaining silent. What do you do when one of the political party’s in America is intent on creating chaos and destruction? Vote them out of office! Read More:


Chris Christie…Lies on top of lies!

Chris Christie just keeps getting in deeper with every day of testimony in the Bridgegate trial. On Friday his former aide Bridget Kelly testified under oath that she has discussed the “traffic Study” with him a month before the closing. Then she testified that she had further conversations with him during the lane closing in September. Christie has stated numerous times that he had no prior knowledge of the lane closings until notified after the major traffic jam was underway. It is becoming apparent that Christie has lied from the beginning to protect his own skin. We wonder when the New Jersey legislative body will begin to have serious discussions about moving forward with impeachment of this worthless politician. Read More:


Voter Fraud! Proof…who needs proof?

Over the last few weeks Donald Trump has lectured non-stop about the election being rigged. Illegal aliens voting by the thousands or millions, and dead people coming to life to vote for Hillary. In last nights debate he refused to say he would accept the result of the election if he lost. What is missing here are the facts. The instances of voter fraud are close to zero. This is a nonexistent problem that Republicans have created to help restrict minority voting. The courts have been ruling against these restrictions throughout 2016. Please show us the proof! Donald Trump has to show us the facts when it comes to voter fraud or shut up! Read more about the myth of voter fraud.


Unshackled madman melts down!

Donald Trump is acting like a cornered wounded animal as more allegations of sexual groping and assault are reported. He blames the biased media and the NYT for reporting what he himself described to Billy Bush in last Fridays video. This is the ultimate hypocrisy, and unlike his campaign which paid Bill Clintons accusers to appear before the last debate, these women have come forward voluntarily. He is threatening the media with law suits, crying foul and wants to lock up everyone. Could you imagine what danger this country would be in if he was elected president? A crazed sexual predator and psychopathic liar should not have been allowed to get this close to the nuclear codes. Thanks Republicans for making this possible and endangering the United States. Read More:


A dark night for America!

We did not think it was possible but Donald Trump and the Republican Party offended America and hit a new low last night. I was ashamed to watch this animal make a mockery of of the debate. He was vile, offensive and stalked Hillary around the stage like a sex offender. Lets not forget about the press conference before the debate where he appeared with all the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual crimes. What a low point for the Republicans. The only thing he didn’t do is slap Hillary across the face. We were impressed with her self control and how she tried to stay on message throughout the evening. What a terrible night for American, brought to you by the Republican Party. Read more:


The Fix is in! The election is rigged!

Donald trump claims that the election is rigged and his supporters bought it hook, line and sinker. If he loses in November, he was cheated out of the Presidency. If he wins, then he earned it. The logic here is is without logic. The conspiracy theorists have won! His supporters can no longer tell truth from fiction as they have been spoon feed misinformation from Fox News for years. Full Fontal did a funny and sad segment this week that says it all. You can laugh and cry at the same time. See Segment:


Judge Roy Moore booted again!

Why is it so many social conservatives have problems following the constitution when it collides with their personal or religious beliefs? This is especially strange when it is their job to represent the government. They are the first to scream bloody murder when they perceive their second amendment rights are being violated but cannot follow the letter of the law when they think god would not approve of gay marriage. What hypocrisy! For the second time, Judge Roy Moore has been suspended for the remainder of his term for ordering probate judges to defy federal court orders on same-sex marriage. Good riddance to this judicial dinosaur. Read more: