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Fox and Friends wrong again

This morning Steve Doocy accused the Democrats of politicizing terror to promote seizing everyones guns. As an example he held up todays Daily News cover that shows Wayne LaPierre of the NRA as Jihadi Wayne. After criticizing gun control efforts, their very next story was about 16 people being shot in New Orleans last night. How stupid can you be? Read More:


Bobby Jindals Epic fail

After ruining Louisiana and making a complete ass of himself on the national stage, he could not crack 1% in the polls. He would have been crushed by Hillary Clinton in his own state! We are very pleased that we no longer have to listen to his insane drivel. Good by LOSER. Read More:


Things heat up for Chris Christie.

A  document dump of new “Bridgegate” correspondence has created new problems for the Christie campaign.Read More:

baby hitler

Jeb! prevents WW2, going back in time to kill baby Hitler.

Jeb! is going to save us all by going back in time to kill baby Hitler. Stephen Colbert settles this thorny issue once and for all. Read More: 


Why are mortality rates rising among middle aged whites?

Suicide rates, increased alcohol and drug deaths have jumped among middle aged whites. Paul Krugman tackles this difficult subject in todays column. Read More


Religion vs. Science debate

Watch this stimulating discussion between Neil deGrasse Tyson, celebrity pastor Carl Lentz and comedian Tom Papa. Worth your time. Watch now:


Jeb! can’t fix it!

For all practical purposes his campaign is over. It seems all he has done is remind everyone how bad George W’s eight years in office were for America. Read more:

dumpster fire

The Republican debate was a raging dumpster fire!

Last nights Republican debate was supposed to be about the economy. Instead it was a nasty, out-of-control moment for the candidates and what they stood for. Not one person demonstrated any leadership qualities: Read More

senator Rubio

Senator Rubios lame answer to his Senate attendance record

Marco “HATES” the Senate. It’s too slow and rule bound, poor Rubio. He has a solution though; make him President! Read More:

paul ryan

What if Paul Ryan agrees to the Freedom Caucus’s demands?

If Ryan gives in to these demands it could cause catastrophic results for America and the American people. Read what these “patriotic” servants are demanding of the new speaker: Read more