Lying to the coal miners

Donald Trump has promised to bring back the coal mining industry. Specificity, all the jobs that have been lost. As with so many things that Donald says it is a lie. Trump just repealed the “stream protection rule” which made it harder for coal companies to continue polluting our steams. At best estimates this will keep 124 jobs. The problem is that the coal industry is dying. It is not a viable business anymore. We have a glut of natural gas and petroleum and most states and industries that need power are leaning to clean energy. He made a promise he cannot keep. Eventually, even his supporters will begin to understand his con game. To read about this in more detail please link to this excellent article.

The Trump White house is in a complete meltdown

It did not take very long for Donald Trump and his “hand picked” administration to turn Washington DC into a dumpster fire. This is a spectacle that even die-hard supporters cannot defend. I believe that this could be just the tip of the iceberg and more Russian revelations will be leaked in the near future. He is antagonizing the intel community, which is one enemy that you do not want to make. National security officials are upset and unhappy with Trump’s attacks and are ready to release more information to the media. One unnamed official was quoted as beginning an email with,”he will die in jail!” The problem is not with the intel community but with the Trump’s connection to the Russians. Read More:

Trump’s actions “will not be questioned”

Trump’s policy advisor Stephen Miller thought he was playing a nazi on the Sunday news shows. He false (lying) statements about voter fraud and his statement whether judges have the power to question Trump’s authority set shivers down our spines. The president has surrounded himself with thugs who will go to any length to support his authoritarian approach to government. Lying, making up statistics and creating false news stories seems to be a-day-in-the-life of the trump administration. So far the media is doing a solid job of pointing out the administrations lies and falsehoods. Lets hope it continues: Read more:

This is what resistance looks like!

Donald Trump is not happy. He is not happy because the White House is a leaky mess, the job is tough and the courts have temporarily blocked his prized immigration order. Boo hoo hoo, now let’s turn up the heat. Throughout the country, organized resistance to his policies and to the Republican silence has grown stronger. Protests, angry town hall meetings and pressure on elected lawmakers is having an impact on how they govern and follow Trumps direction. Let’s keep the pressure up! Please read this strong piece in the Washington Post that details what each of us can do to stop Donald Trump and the Republicans.  We do not want to lose the progress we have made on voting rights, women’s rights, universal healthcare and becoming a stronger and more tolerant country. Read article:

Congressional Republicans want to go into hiding.

Republican Congressmen and women are getting a dose of what life is going to be like under Donald Trump. Town hall meetings have become an actual vocal exchange of ideas, with protestors asking difficult questions about Obamacare. They cannot BS their way through these meetings anymore, and the crowds have gotten much larger and much louder. What did they think they would be greeted as heroes for taking away people’s healthcare? Behind closed doors yesterday Republican’s were discussing town hall meeting exit strategies, like back doors with deadbolts and lots of police protection. Thor has a suggestion…how about leaving peoples healthcare alone instead of playing politics with their lives.

Sally yates

Sally Yates Firing is another troubling sign

Donald Trump’s decision to fire attorney General Sally Yates because she questioned the legality of his recent immigration order should put us all on the highest alert. Isn’t the attorney general supposed to interpret the law without political bias? So far, 4 judges have ruled against the order and stopped the implementation of parts of it. What was her crime other than questioning it’s legality? An authoritarian regime wants to eliminate all resistance and dissent of it’s decisions. The Trump regime is showing that it will not tolerate any objections that stand in it’s way. What is next? secret police, goon squads or mass incarceration of resistors? We must stand up, and together rally our elected officials to fight this regimes every move.The first step is to make sure that Jeff sessions is not our next attorney General. Read More:

Do you love me?

Donald Trump is one sick puppy. He absolutely needs your love and approval…right now! He believes he could not have lost the popular vote unless their was voter fraud. In his mind his inauguration was the largest ever, and he is determined to prove the photographic and factual evidence to the contrary, wrong. He comes into office with the lowest approval ratings of any modern president but he knows you secretly love him. This is pathetic behavior. He need to pull up his big boy pants and focus on something other than his image in the mirror. 

We all should be very careful

The similarities between the first 3 days of Donald Trump’s presidency and other fascist dictators is frightening . He is trying to control the media, gag government agencies and create a false flag about voting rights. He wants to control the dialog and distract citizens away from what his administration is about to unleash on America. We cannot let this ideologue ruin what this country has stood for since its inception. We urge all our readers to pay attention and give no ground to this illegitimate president. Read More about his recent actions.

Chris Christie’s epic implosion

Our Governor has been humiliated epically by himself, Even the most disliked president in waiting in our lifetime has managed to make us almost feel sorry for Christie. I say almost because he brought this on all by himself. Christie’s bulling and nasty manner has produced the result it always does, no friends and multiple enemies. He is a praia that no one wants or respects. His fall from grace is the most pronounced of any politician in modern history. Unfortunately, we are stuck with him for another year, here is hoping that he gets impeached before his term is up. What an embarrassment to the State of New Jersey. Read more about his fall.


Taking the “intel” out of intelligence

Our President elect is determined to take the word of accused rapist Julian Assange over the CIA and the FBI on the election hacking by the Russians. Most 8 year olds now recognize it as a fact, that the Russian’s hacked the election to help Trump get to the white house. Donald Trump can still not get his head around this fact because his ego gets in the way. He sides with the Wikileaks founders claim that it was outside hackers who did the deed. We are in for a rough 4 years, and you thought Bush W was dumb! Read More:


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