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Chris Christie flops

It’s over, Chris Christie has finally realized that blind ambition is not enough to be elected president. Perhaps he will stop the pandering to the conservative right and actually do his job. His record in New Jersey destroyed any hope he had of advancing in the primaries and would have doomed him in the general election. His one accomplishment was gutting Rubio in the last debate. Their is a distinct possibility that his political career could be over as well. Read More:

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We all witnessed a defining moment for Marco Rubio in the Republican debate Saturday night. Chris Christie totally destroyed Rubio on the debate stage and all Marco could do was to repeat his memorized talking points. In other words when faced with an adversary and put under pressure…he folded. Marco Rubio is not presidential material and the voters saw it on national television. He tried desperately on Sunday to repair the damage and only made it worse. Read More:


Chris Christie hiding Bridgegate emails

Our hypocrite governor Chris Christie has been pounding Hillary Clinton on her use of personal email servers while in the state department. It turns out Christie has been holding back over 10,000 emails of his own from federal investigators. I wonder why he doesn’t want to release those emails from the Bridgegate time frame? Maybe it is his concept of transparent government. Read more:

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Ted Cruz will do anything to win!

Everyone thought he might be a sleeze-bag but now we know for sure. His campaigns actions on the night of the Iowa caucus, namely spreading rumors that Ben Carson was exiting the presidential race caused many caucus voters to change their vote to Ted Cruz. Do we really want someone like this getting close to the White House? This country does not need another Richard Nixon. Read More:

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Face that should be slapped

The Germans have a word that perfectly fits Ted Cruz and his dishonest campaign. Backpfeifengesight, which translates to “face that should be slapped.”  His speeches in Iowa have exhibited the most vile, dishonest and ridiculous rhetoric in our lifetime. He waves religion like a cheap banner at a ball game. He is a despicable person. Thor wishes to thank the German language for being so descriptive and on the mark. Read More:


Lies, lies and more lies!

Thursday nights Republican debate was pretty much like the others. Full of dark exaggerations and lies. I would think the candidates would understand by this point that everyone is fact checking their statements. What do you say to someone who continues to state outright lies even after they have been called on it every time…Crazy or just stupid! Read More:


Marco Rubio has no chance!

Is their any issue that Marco Rubio has been right about? Immigration, climate change, Cuba and now, Planned Parenthood. Yesterday a Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrong doing while at the same time indicting the two abortion opponents who made the bogus videos. When faced with the facts Rubio continues to deny reality and get his facts wrong. Rubio is always wrong! Read More:


Republicans prove again they cannot govern!

The more details that emerge concerning the handling of the water crisis in Flint Michigan, the more you begin to smell the stink coming off Rick Snyder. It turns out his administration overruled  recommendations by commission HE appointed! As more details emerge this appears to be strictly a cost saving decision, with no regard for the consequences. Almost everywhere you look, Republican Governor’s are destroying their states and inhabits, for purely political reasons.Read More:


Sara Palin is back!

The Republican debates and primary have produced some of the most memorable moments in current politics  Nothing is off limits and everyone lies without hesitation. Just when you think you have seen it all a miracle happens. Sara Palin reappears and endorses Donald Trump! Her endorsement speech was mind boggling, impossible to follow and hilarious. Read More:


The New Rubio

Guns, religion and illegal immigration. Marco Rubio who couldn’t find his seat in the senate has miraculously  found the right position on all the major issues that matter to conservatives. No one would even entertain the thought that he is pandering for votes. He really needed a gun to fight ISIS, and his new found religious beliefs will lead his conscience in all things. Does anyone really believe him? Read More: