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The GOP celebrates another win for the NRA lobby!

Common sense seems to be absent in today’s GOP. Does it make any sense for terror suspects to be able to buy AR-15’s? The Republicans think so! This is terrible, and and goes beyond common decency. The Republican party deserves our scorn for putting the NRA’s agenda to sell more guns ahead of the safety of the American people. This is despicable, they are the lowest of the low. They are nothing more than paid whores for the NRA. Lets vote them out of office in a few months: Read more:


Notice to My Readers

Thor is deciding whether to hang the Out To Lunch or Gone Fishing sign on his [virtual] front door.  For the next few weeks, while his readers might assume “someone” is napping, there will really be enormous activity behind your laptop screen.  Listen closely and you will hear the sounds of progress–grinding, hammering, buzzing, cobbling together and the whispers of a technologically improved website.  If you sense that the excitement is palpable now, just wait!  Thor’s home is getting an enhanced, updated and a 21st Century fine-tuning. 

When he resumes posting, you can expect the same quirky, humorous poems and prose, clever observations of life, satirical commentary and political insight that you have come to expect. See you soon!


It’s none of your business!

Donald Trump will be the first Presidential candidate (since 1976) who refuses to release his tax returns. He told George Stephanopoulos this morning that it was “none of his business” and nobody cares. Trump thinks that by bullying and yelling at someone that they will shut up and go away. Not this time! What is Trump hiding? What will his tax returns reveal? Even Mitt Romney and other Republicans are smelling the stink around Trump and demanding he release his returns. Thor can only guess what Donald Trump is hiding. Read More:


Loretta Lynch gets it right

Sometimes you just want to cheer out loud. Today Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused the state of North Carolina of “state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals.” Take a moment and view the video attached to this story. Her brief speech is inspiring on many different levels and makes the politicians in North Carolina look as small and terrible as they really are: Read More

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Donald Tump terrifies the world

Donald Trump is one step closer to actually running as the GOP nominee for President and the world is very uncomfortable and nervous. Leaders around the globe are asking is this a joke, and how could this happen in America? This is no joke… the Republican party created this possibility and now is actually going to back his efforts to become president. Anyone who values what this country stands for needs to step up, vote and make sure this never happens. This is no time for Apathy. Read More


Lucifer angry with comparison to Ted Cruz

An angry prince of darkness threatened to sue John Boehner over his comments comparing him to Ted Cruz. Lucifer stated “John has a lot of nerve comparing me to that low life, I have a reputation to protect and this kind of comment leaves a sulfury taste in my mouth.” Read More:


Paul LePage, perhaps the worst Governor in America

The voters of Maine actually elected this poor excuse of a man. He has come to represent the worst of America. Racist, incompetent, cruel, and stupid. He is the new poster boy for what the Republican Party has become. His list of offenses to common decency are without peer. His latest in a long line of offensive blunders was declaring that Indian workers are the “worst ones to understand.” He is an embarrassment to the people of Maine and any decent person in America. Read More:


Paying the price for discrimination

Since passing their state’s new law banning anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people, North Carolina has experienced an exodus of business and jobs. So far it is estimated that the state has lost $24 million in potential revenue. Our hats are off to the business leaders, artists and organizations that have stood up to this terrible law that harkens back to Jim Crow days. Pat McCrory and the states Republicans need to realize that this kind of action has consequences. Read more:

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Mr. Cruz go home

Today lizard man, Ted Cruz was in New York city campaigning. He decided it would be a good idea to visit the Bronx. The Bronx did not agree. He was greeted by Hispanic protesters decrying his racist and anti-immigrant positions. Protestors reminded the Senator that the Bronx is an immigrant community and wants no part of his racism. He was forced to cancel his speaking event and retreat. How is that for “New York Values?” I will bet that is the last time he visits the Bronx. Welcome to New York Ted! Read more:


Scott Walker’s slight of hand behind new voter restrictions

Perenial loser Scott Walker of Wisconsin is hoping for a comeback in national politics. He has endorsed Ted Cruz as Wisconsin gets ready to select a Republican presidential candidate. He helped to enact new voter ID laws in order to suppress the vote and make the polls as confusing as possible. Estimates are the 200,000 to 300,000 voters could be turned away due to improper forms of ID’s. He hopes to be able to deliver the state to the Republicans and get himself a VP slot in the process. It seems that the only way Republicans can get elected, is if they cheat. Read More: