The Pickle Conspiracy

The conspiracy truther Alex Jones, has come up with his best conspiracy to date, “The Clinton Pickle Conspiracy” and it is too funny and ridiculous to not share with you. This all took place on the Jimmy Kimmel show when Hillary Clinton recently appeared. Click here to view this hilarious video.


It just keeps getting crazier!

Steve Bannon, CEO of Breitbart News was just added to Trumps campaign as CEO. If your not familiar with Briebart News, it is an on-line publication that caters to the far right of the Republican Party. When we say “Far Right” we mean the conspiracy loons, white supremacists, and really angry white racists. Trump has turned his campaign over to a man who runs the website most favored by the KKK! Has Donald Trump completely lost his mind? Just when you thought Trump could not isolate more potential voters, he figures out a way to do it! C’est la vie…Donald. Read About Steve Bannon.



Schadenfreude, it is a feeling of joy that comes from seeing or hearing about another person’s troubles. In this instance it could not be more deserving. Roger Ailes was single handedly responsible for creating an environment at Fox News of sexual harassment towards women. We normally do not revel in others pain but in this instance we will make an exception.  Each day  since his ouster, more women have come forward and provide additional information and claims that they were victims as well. In 2016 their is no place for this kind of treatment of women in the workplace. Read More:


Worst Congress Ever.

This Republican Congress is an embarrassment. They have barely functioned all year but their inability to pass funding to prevent and fight the Zika Virus is a new low point. Before they broke for recess they loaded up the Zika funding bill with poison pill provisions, (such as defunding Planned Parenthood and reinstating Confederate Flags at veterans cemeteries,) so it would be voted down. The strategy behind this approach was to cast blame on the Democrats, not to help the people the Republicans represent. In other words it is all about politics.  As of last week 5 new cases of the Zika Virus have surfaced in Florida. This nonsense has got to end. We can only hope that the American people vote these fools out of office in November.


trump supporter

What happened to respect?

Thor has always been amazed when individuals forget common decency and respect for others. Donald Trump supporters have taken this concept to an nasty new level. At a Mike Pence rally yesterday a women asked potential VP Mike Pence about Donald Trumps smears of the Khan Family. The crowd of Trump supporters shouted her down and booed her question. It got very ugly… fast.  It turns out she has a son serving in the military and this question was important to her in making a decision on who to vote for. It seems Trump supporters are as nasty as he is, and have forgotten totally about the first amendment. Trump supporters all claim to be patriots but they just seem like an angry lynch mob out for blood. It seems what ever Donald Trump does his supporters follow like lemmings. Watch:

trump heads explode

Trump is in perfect control

Donald Trump must be a genius. He continues to dominate the media waves with his uncanny ability to get headlines. Right now, their are at least eight articles on the front page of the Washingtonpost.com. that are totally focused on the “Donald.”  The most exciting part is that he has promised to “take off the gloves” in the coming weeks. How could he possibly top the last four days? Eat a puppy on live TV? Push Barbra Bush down a staircase on Fox News? I am sure it will be Yuge! He must have a really big brain. (heaven help us)


Trump really knows nothing!

In case you were thinking about voting for Donald Trump we would highly recommend you read his interview in the New York Times or the recap in Vox. Trump agreed to do this interview of his own freewill and it will give you an insight into his ‘Huge” mind. If you had any doubts about turning over the nuclear codes to this man, this will solidify your thinking. all we can say is OMG!!!!


Be scared…be fearful. They are coming for you!

Last nights opening of the RNC was disgusting. The whole night was spent on fear and more fear mongering. According to the speakers, Obama and Hillary have been allowing terrorists to enter the country through a special trap door and now they are coming to murder you and your family. Run, be scared, we are all doomed! I cannot think of one thing Donald Trump has done to make America safe. Yet, the GOP wants us to elect someone with no experience in government or world affairs to keep us all safe from terrorists. The GOP is so devoid of ideas the best they can come up with on a national stage to to try to scare your great aunt. Lets not forget that the Republicans helped to created ISIS when they invaded Iraq. Read More about last night:

Christie loser

Christie is The Biggest Loser

Chris Christie’s only chance for redemption went down in flames when Donald Trump picked Mike Pence for his VP. You can’t blame Trump for staying clear of Christie’s “Bridge-gate” baggage. It seems that every decision Chris Christie has made since his re-election, has turned to dung. He gambled that by sucking up to Trump he could resurrect his flagging career. Instead it looks like another bad judgement by Chris. My guess is that his luck will continue to go bad and sometime this year we will see pictures of Chris Christie being led away in handcuffs. Read more:


OMG! The GOP goes even further to the right!

The GOP is putting the finishing touches on their party platform for the upcoming convention and some of their proposals are simply insane. One proposal that stands out is that the GOP believes that the Bible is part of American history. They believe that the Bible should be taught in public schools as American history, despite the fact that the book lacks any reference to the United States and was written 3500 years ago. They also believe that todays textbooks are focused on minority history (whatever that implies) and give the wrong impression to students. To read more of their wacky platform proposals, Click Here: