Trump really knows nothing!

In case you were thinking about voting for Donald Trump we would highly recommend you read his interview in the New York Times or the recap in Vox. Trump agreed to do this interview of his own freewill and it will give you an insight into his ‘Huge” mind. If you had any doubts about turning over the nuclear codes to this man, this will solidify your thinking. all we can say is OMG!!!!


Be scared…be fearful. They are coming for you!

Last nights opening of the RNC was disgusting. The whole night was spent on fear and more fear mongering. According to the speakers, Obama and Hillary have been allowing terrorists to enter the country through a special trap door and now they are coming to murder you and your family. Run, be scared, we are all doomed! I cannot think of one thing Donald Trump has done to make America safe. Yet, the GOP wants us to elect someone with no experience in government or world affairs to keep us all safe from terrorists. The GOP is so devoid of ideas the best they can come up with on a national stage to to try to scare your great aunt. Lets not forget that the Republicans helped to created ISIS when they invaded Iraq. Read More about last night:

Christie loser

Christie is The Biggest Loser

Chris Christie’s only chance for redemption went down in flames when Donald Trump picked Mike Pence for his VP. You can’t blame Trump for staying clear of Christie’s “Bridge-gate” baggage. It seems that every decision Chris Christie has made since his re-election, has turned to dung. He gambled that by sucking up to Trump he could resurrect his flagging career. Instead it looks like another bad judgement by Chris. My guess is that his luck will continue to go bad and sometime this year we will see pictures of Chris Christie being led away in handcuffs. Read more:


OMG! The GOP goes even further to the right!

The GOP is putting the finishing touches on their party platform for the upcoming convention and some of their proposals are simply insane. One proposal that stands out is that the GOP believes that the Bible is part of American history. They believe that the Bible should be taught in public schools as American history, despite the fact that the book lacks any reference to the United States and was written 3500 years ago. They also believe that todays textbooks are focused on minority history (whatever that implies) and give the wrong impression to students. To read more of their wacky platform proposals, Click Here:

paul ryan

Another Fake Republican investigation.

Once again Republicans lead by Paul Ryan, are calling for an investigation into why FBI director James Comey did not throw Hillary Clinton in jail. How many millions of dollars will be wasted in another Republican goose chase. We understand it did not go the way they wanted it to go. How about governing for a change? How about helping people get jobs? How about a budget to fight Zika? Thor thinks that the Republicans were hoping to be saved by an indictment of Hillary Clinton and must now face up to the fact their candidate is unelectable. More on the Republican investigation:


Hillary Clinton leading in all swing state polls

The swing states that matter the most in the upcoming election are all leaning to Hillary. In the 11 most important states HRC leads by a 5 point average. This development should only get bigger as the general election takes place. We know it is early in the cycle but as Trump continues to blunder forward we are keeping our fingers crossed for a landslide win for Hillary. After all, Trump is the most disliked and idiotic candidate to ever run for President of the United States. More Detail on polls.


Brexit is all about Racism

This is very scary when a country allows racism to dictate its future. The Brexit vote that just took place in Great Britain is anything but great. Since they voted to exit the EU their has been an outbreak of racism and violence against immigrants in Britain. The vote in some perverse way legitimized the notion that it is permissible to to let your worst tendencies come forward. We have seen the same thing in the United States with Donald Trump and the Republicans. Now more than ever it is important to make sure that Trump and the party that made him possible has no chance in November. Read More:

new gun image3

The GOP celebrates another win for the NRA lobby!

Common sense seems to be absent in today’s GOP. Does it make any sense for terror suspects to be able to buy AR-15’s? The Republicans think so! This is terrible, and and goes beyond common decency. The Republican party deserves our scorn for putting the NRA’s agenda to sell more guns ahead of the safety of the American people. This is despicable, they are the lowest of the low. They are nothing more than paid whores for the NRA. Lets vote them out of office in a few months: Read more:


Notice to My Readers

Thor is deciding whether to hang the Out To Lunch or Gone Fishing sign on his [virtual] front door.  For the next few weeks, while his readers might assume “someone” is napping, there will really be enormous activity behind your laptop screen.  Listen closely and you will hear the sounds of progress–grinding, hammering, buzzing, cobbling together and the whispers of a technologically improved website.  If you sense that the excitement is palpable now, just wait!  Thor’s home is getting an enhanced, updated and a 21st Century fine-tuning. 

When he resumes posting, you can expect the same quirky, humorous poems and prose, clever observations of life, satirical commentary and political insight that you have come to expect. See you soon!


It’s none of your business!

Donald Trump will be the first Presidential candidate (since 1976) who refuses to release his tax returns. He told George Stephanopoulos this morning that it was “none of his business” and nobody cares. Trump thinks that by bullying and yelling at someone that they will shut up and go away. Not this time! What is Trump hiding? What will his tax returns reveal? Even Mitt Romney and other Republicans are smelling the stink around Trump and demanding he release his returns. Thor can only guess what Donald Trump is hiding. Read More: