Trump orders drone attack on white house

After finding candy wrappers in the Lincoln bedroom closet, President Trump became convinced that Obama was hiding in the White house. After an extensive search by the secret service that found no evidence of former President Obama, Trump ordered a heat scan by the DOJ that turned up negative. Still convinced that he was being listened to, he order a surprise midnight drone attack on the White house. Afterwards Trump held a press conference at Mar-lago. ” I know this sounds like a drastic move but something had to be done about the leaks.” I am certain that former President Obama was listening to everything I said.” Trump added, ” I needed to replace my staff anyway and the secret service was doing a bad job.” The White house will be re-built using the labor of welfare recipients at a cost of 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars. Read more to see what additional steps Trump is taking to stop Obama.

Trump pardons Benedict Arnold

In a surprise move this morning President Trump pardoned traitor Benedict Arnold. Trump stated that “Benedict is a misunderstood character who was slandered by the liberal media.” Donald Continued,”I feel a strong sympathy with anyone who would do anything to win! Benedict felt a strong connection with his Russian…I mean British friends and did what he thought would vanquish his enemies the fastest.” The president said ” Benedict Arnold’s crime of trying to hand West Point over to the British was pretty minor in comparison to hypothetically handing our great country to an enemy.” Trump concluded.” With this pardon…perhaps the press will look at traitors as not being that big a deal, or really that bad, especially if they just did not want to lose and look like an fool!!”

grandma has to go

Republican’s agree grandma has to go

Paul Ryan emerged from his closed door meeting with President Trump and announced “it’s a difficult decision but the only way to expand the military budget and keep america safe is getting rid of grandma Betty.” A tear came to his eye as he made this difficult statement. We will start by cutting off her meals-on-wheels, “that should do the job” as he wiped away his tears. “If she continues to survive by eating out of garbage cans, we will institute plan B, and take away her heating subsidy.” Paul stated with a trembling lip, “That’s a one two punch few elderly could survive,”  Finally, “If by some miracle she continues to breathe we will increase the price of her heart meds through my new health care plan until she cannot afford them, and her heart explodes.” At that point all the Republicans stood up behind Ryan and he sobbed “We will miss all the grandma Betty’s but God wants us to have the biggest military ever assembled, and what is more important…tanks or grandmas?”

Trump surrounds himself with idiots!

How did Kelly Ann Conway get to this place? She is making Sara Palin look like a brain surgeon, whoops… we already have one of those idiots already. Yesterday, Kelly Ann was interviewed and when asked about Trump’s wiretap claims she  stated that their are many ways to eavesdrop these days “including microwaves that turn into cameras!” Let the magnitude of that statement settle in for a moment. This is a high level consular to President Trump, the most powerful man in the United States. Her dishonesty and stupidity is undermining our democracy and she is just embarrassing to watch. Is this what Trump meant when he said he would surround himself with the brightest and smartest?

‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’

The new “Trumpcare” plan has something everyone can hate. AARP hates the plan! AMA thinks it stinks! The Tea Party cannot believe that their elected representatives would throw them under the bus like this! Low income patients would be left with lower coverage for more money. The American Hospital Association has condemned the plan.The Freedom Caucus despises it! Moderate Republican’s are scared of it, and Democrats think it is cruel and inhumane. Everyone hates it except Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. Overall, it shows you exactly what the Republican’s think of their base, not much! Read More:

The Trumpcare debacle begins

Yesterday, the Republicans released their version of a new improved healthcare plan for america. As expected it is a Republican crowd pleaser that everyone hates. It contains wonderful tax cuts for the rich and shifts the financial burden to low income citizens. Early estimates is that it will take health insurance away from 6 million to 10 million insured under the ACA. The Republican’s had 8 years to come up with their own better plan and this is the best they can do? Overall it is a mean plan, that reflects the conservative fever dream of Ayn Rand. If this passes, the Republican’s will own it and all the consequences of their actions. Read more about Trumpcare.

Donald shoots himself in the foot, hand and head!

Donald Trump’s tweets on Saturday will go down as the worst self-inflicted wound in history. Accusing Barak Obama of illegal wiretaps on his 2016 campaign was the work of a man who is totally unhinged. Any way this plays out, he looses. His outrageous lies are starting to pile up and he has lost all credibility as a president. Additionally, the questions about his troubling connections to Russia keep getting worse. He is actually drawing more attention to this issue with accusations he cannot back up. His staff cannot plug the holes fast enough. This ship is listing badly and may sink soon!  Read More about this story:

Donald Trump is completely out-of-touch with his base

Tonight President Trump will unveil his vision of America to Congress. In very short order he will show how out-of-touch his is with what “real” American’s want and need. His 10% increase in the military budget will devastate programs that his voters rely on to survive, such as food stamps and housing substities. Gutting the EPA will just expose his constitutes in coal mining country to more pollution and sickness. The Republican plan for a replacement for the ACA will throw many insured people off their current ACA plans and increase the cost for almost everyone. We haven’t even discussed his plans for the wall and infrastructure, which the country has no money left to use. This is on top of his proposed tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy. Looks like he doesn’t have a clue what his voters want or need to prosper. They are going to feel the pain rather quickly. READ MORE:

Kellyanne Conway is a national embarrassment!

If Kellyanne Conway had a brain in her head she would know she needs to stop appearing on national TV and shut up. First, their was the endorsement of Ivanka’s clothing line, then the bowling green massacre, the fake news vs, real news debacle, and many lies and distortions. She has embarrassed herself so many times that entertainment news, Morning Joe has banned her…MORNING JOE! All serious news shows will not have her on as a guest because she just makes up stuff. Today at Crap PAC she discussed her views on feminism. It was obvious she had no idea what the term means and wants women to return to 1950. To top it off, today nine law professors filed a misconduct complaint/suit against her. Not since Sara Palin have we been blessed with such an idiot. Thank you Republican party for this gift. Read More:

Lying to the coal miners

Donald Trump has promised to bring back the coal mining industry. Specificity, all the jobs that have been lost. As with so many things that Donald says it is a lie. Trump just repealed the “stream protection rule” which made it harder for coal companies to continue polluting our steams. At best estimates this will keep 124 jobs. The problem is that the coal industry is dying. It is not a viable business anymore. We have a glut of natural gas and petroleum and most states and industries that need power are leaning to clean energy. He made a promise he cannot keep. Eventually, even his supporters will begin to understand his con game. To read about this in more detail please link to this excellent article.